Best Method To Safely Remove Radiation From The Body

Best Method To Safely Remove Radiation From My Body

Thank you for visiting this detox website that has been written to help you remove dangerous radiation and heavy metals from your body if you suspect that you have been radiated by a nuclear event. Such events would include nuclear power plant reactor meltdowns, nuclear reactor releases of airborne radiation into the air or into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans, radiated food supplies such as fish, seafood and animal life due to reactor leaks and emergency overheating releases, nuclear weapon explosions from warheads or dirty bombs and from exposure to nuclear medical devices, radioactive medical waste or after chemotherapy.

Important Facts About Potassium Iodide Or Iodine And Radiation

URGENT FACTS: Potassium Iodide is not what people should be taking if they feel that they already have been radiated or are now being exposed from Fukushima radiation or from any other radioactive event! This is why! Potassium Iodide DOES NOT REMOVE ANY RADIATION FROM THE BODY AT ALL! Potassium Iodide should only be taken before a radioactive event occurs and it protects ONLY the thyroid for a 24-hour period of time. If your still being radiated after 24 hours the Potassium Iodide is no longer useful and if you keep taking it YOU WILL GET SICK! The best product you can take to remove radiation from your body if you have already been radiated is the natural detox mineral Zeolite!

Using Natural Zeolite To Safely Remove Radiation From The Body

Zeolite was successfully used by the Russians to safely remove radiation from the bodies of both people and animals after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the Ukraine. Zeolite has also been used with great success in removing radiation in the Three Mile Island radiation release and reactor meltdown and in the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown to remove radiation. If you have been exposed to airborne radiation or exposed to radiation from eating radiated fish or seafood that has been swimming through Fukushima radiation plumes in the Pacific Ocean or from radiation and heavy metal contaminated streams, rivers or lakes you should think HARD about doing a detox with the natural ingestible mineral called Clinoptilolite zeolite in a micronized powder form!

NOTE: There are many different types and grades of zeolites that are used for many different medical and industrial purposes. The medical grade brand to look for is called Zeolite Pure! This is because Zeolite Pure is the only medical grade Clinoptilolite type of zeolite specifically mined for human consumption and it is the ONLY type of zeolite that should be used for safely removing radiation from the human body. Zeolite Pure's cage like structure attracts radiated heavy metals into itself like a magnet. This zeolite is unique because only heavy metals and radiated heavy metals are pulled into the zeolite to be carried all the way out of the body without re-releasing any of the contaminates back into the body. NOTE that chemical, clay and plant based detox products often cause the person taking them to feel sick with what is called a Herxheimer reaction because much of the broken off radiation and heavy metal toxins are reabsorbed back into the body before they can fully be removed!

It is important to know that since Clinoptilolite zeolite works mechanically to remove radiation and not by a chemical reaction! It only targets radiation and heavy metals! It does not remove any other minerals or nutrients from the body! In other words zeolite leaves the good stuff alone! The person doing the zeolite detox can still take their vitamins as they normally would and this zeolite can be taken with or without food in the stomach.

IMPORTANT---Acquiring The Proper Zeolite For Human Consumption

When searching for the proper zeolite to detox with you will discover many different brands being advertised online and in the general market. It is very important that you know that the majority of these zeolite products ARE NOT MINED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, THEY ARE INDUSTRIAL & AGRICULTURAL GRADE ZEOLITE AND NOT MEDICAL GRADE AS THEY SHOULD BE! If you are thoroughly researching the subject of removing radiation, you will discover that the majority of the zeolite products being advertised are not medical grade and they have very little of the main detox component of this zeolite which is the Clinoptilolite. Additionally in your research you should check out third party independent lab tests done on the different zeolite products on the market. You will also discover that many of the zeolite products on the market contain very high mold spore counts which is not good! This is because industrial and agricultural grade zeolite has a very high moisture content! Some of these products are actually green in color! Proper high quality zeolite is bone white in color as the recommended Zeolite Pure zeolite product is.

Zeolite Pure Is Your Best Choice For Radiation Detox & Fast Removal

Zeolite Pure is, without question, the highest quality zeolite product for removing both radiation and heavy metals from the body! There is not another zeolite product anywhere that can compare to Zeolite Pure PERIOD! This is because Zeolite Pure is the only 91 percent Clinoptilolite zeolite product on the planet that is specifically mined underground for human consumption! Zeolite Pure is a medical grade, micronized powdered zeolite with over twice the Clinoptilolite content of other zeolite products on the market. Zeolite Pure is bone white in color, 100 percent mold free, tasteless and easy to mix with juice or water when doing this very important detox.

The Zeolite Pure Detox Protocol

The detox takes 90 days and the dose is one scoop of Zeolite Pure mixed in juice or water 3 times per day. Each container of Zeolite Pure will last 1 month so 3 containers of Zeolite Pure will be needed to properly complete the detox. People that feel that they are still being exposed to radiation or heavy metals can continue with a 4th container of Zeolite Pure for a maintenance dose of one scoop once a day for as long as it is needed. This 4th Jar will last 90 more days providing enough zeolite for 6 months of detox protection. However the 90 day Detox must always be done first before the maintenance dose is started.
If you have more questions on detoxing with zeolite, removing radiation from your body or for more quality product information with the absolute lowest prices on Zeolite Pure, please visit the website at
NOTE: Using natural Zeolite Pure Clinoptilolite zeolite (A Mineral) to safely remove radiation from body is considered a natural mineral supplement. However it is NOT Recognized By The FDA As A Medication To Remove Radiation Or Heavy Metals From The Body! It is our hope and desire that one day soon the FDA will recognize and list proper zeolite products that will then change the way people are treated after being exposed to radiation and heavy metals.



DISCLAIMER--These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this or any product.

Detox your body from radiation and heavy metals with Zeolite







Detox my body from Fukushima radiation




Use Zeolite to remove toxins, heavy metals & radiation from your body





Use Zeolite to remove toxins, heavy metals & radiation from your body




Detox your body from radiation and heavy metals with Zeolite

Zeolite Pure






Use Zeolite to remove toxins, heavy metals & radiation from your body

Processed Zeolite




Use Zeolite to remove toxins, heavy metals & radiation from your body


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