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Safe And Effective Way To Remove Radiation From The Body

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We discovered that many people concerned about radiation exposures were purchasing Potassium Iodide and Iodine thinking that these products would remove radiation from their bodies without knowing that they must be taken before any radiation exposure occurs and even when taken before a radiation exposure Potassium products will only protect the thyroid gland for a 24 hour period of time. When taken after an exposure these Potassium products will not remove any radiation from their bodies at all.

After doing our diligent research on how to remove radiation from the body after exposure due to a radioactive event we found that the natural mineral called zeolite was the best way to safely remove both radioactive isotopes and toxic heavy metals from the body. This website is to educate the readers to these facts so they can be better prepared to do a proper detox if or when a radiation exposure occurs while offering what we feel is a quality online resource to acquire the highest quality zeolite on the market that will produce the best detox results.


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