Detox Ongoing Fukushima Radiation Poisoning With Zeolite Pure

Best Method To Safely Remove Radiation From The Body

Fukushima Radiation Continues To Poison All Life On Our Earth

(This Includes The Lives Of You And Your Family)

Well, folks, if you have been following Fukushima nuclear disaster that put 3 out of 6 nuclear reactors into major meltdown at the Daiichi power plant that was and still is being operated with pure uncontrollable negligence by the Japanese company called TEPCO. You should know that TEPCO was warned many years before the disaster occurred to move their backup generators that operated the nuclear reactor core coolant pumps to high ground to protect them from damage and core overheating due to flooding if a Tsunami were to occur! Since these reactors are located in an active earthquake zone TEPCO knew that they were being negligent by not moving the pump generators to higher safe ground!

URGENT! It is a major mistake if you have allowed yourself to grow tired through the years that have gone by of watching the now much less often updated news of the ongoing situation over there at the Fukushima Diichi nuclear power plant that is still spreading toxic radiation throughout the Pacific Ocean and over our entire planet in a very big way that has not slowed down one bit!

YES, after all of these years that have gone by since the disaster first happened in March 11th 2011 Fukushima Daiichi still has its 3 reactors in meltdown and totally out of control! TEPCO has been spewing non stop lies about the true amount of radiation these reactors are releasing into the air as fall out, ground water and into the Pacific Ocean due to the highly radioactive core coolant water being sprayed non stop into the three cores that are then released into the Pacific Ocean seawater by the millions of gallons each and every day due to TEPCO's inability to contain this radioactive toxic waste coolant water for proper decontamination.

This is important! TEPCO says that it can take another 40 years or longer to find a way to properly contain the highly radioactive core meltdowns and stop the radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean! However other nuclear power plant experts say that proper control and containment of this so far non stop escaping radiation which includes Cesium 137, Cesium134, Iodine 131, Iodine 129 and Strontium 90 could take hundreds of years before new and proper radiation storage, containment and filtration methods are invented!

The result of TEPCO's continuous dumping of radioactive waste that includes toxic heavy metals into the air, groundwater and into the Pacific Ocean is the contamination and poisoning of plant life, crops, insects, fish, sea life and animals! Remember, humans are the top of this food chain! So anyone eating fish, seafood or animals that live off of what is in the Pacific Ocean will be ingesting certain amounts of toxic radiation! Environmental experts are now warning pregnant women not to eat any tuna at all and to stay away from most larger fish. Star fish are dying in droves and sea animals are showing up dead on beaches with open lesions caused by the polluted radioactive waters they are feeding and living in. Plants, insects, fish and animals are being born with deformities due to radiation DNA damage and this radioactive pollution has been verified to have reached the West coast of the United States, Canada and as far north as Alaska and as far south as Hawaii and Austrailia.

Important Facts About Radiation You Need To Know

Radiation is accumulative! It grows and stays in everything it enters including in the bodies of mankind and the human body cannot remove radiation and radioactive heavy metal isotopes on its own! As radiation accumulates it causes DNA damage to the cells which in turn cause sickness and disease including thyroid cancer and many types of cancer to the person that has been contaminated with radiation as well as to future generations due to the weakened by radiated DNA cells. Future generations could be born with compromised immune systems that will allow the body to more easily become sick and diseased while also being prone to physical deformities (Birth Defects), neurological and brain disorders that include Autism, ADHD and many more lifelong debilitating afflictions and diseases.

Unfortunately it is a sad fact that the nuclear industry, big business and our own governments have been and continue to keep quiet to the fact that Fukushima radiation continues to pollute and damage our planet and all that swims in it and lives on it! Admitting to the tremendous effect this radiation is having on all of us would cause indictments to the wealthy and guilty politicly powerful people that caused this mess. It would also cause panic, civil unrest and disorder that governments do not want to deal with so they keep the facts from the public while they continue to get away with this gross negligence to the very people they are supposed to be protecting! It's amazing that these self centered greedy people are so caught up in making big money and having power over others they don't even realize that they are also putting their own families and future generations in harms way!

Its Time To Protect Yourself And Your Families Health!

Please look at the facts and clearly see them! Our Governments are not protecting us from this ongoing radiation poisoning! Heck they don't want to talk about it! Because of this, its time to become proactive about you and your families health by staying away from both indoor and outside radiation, heavy metal contaminated indoor environments and radiation contaminated food products while also doing a proper detox that will safely remove both heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the body! The lives you save and prolong will be yours and your family's!

Indoor living environments can be made safe by keeping your home clean of toxic dust buildup that could be contaminated due to Fukushima and other sources of radiation that can be inhaled into the lungs. Also if you live near a nuclear power plant you should know that illegal radioactive gas, steam and water releases are very common and people living in the area are rarely told of the exposure dangers and of the smaller radiation release events! People that are concerned about having clean indoor air quality are acquiring quality HEPA vacuum cleaners that are 100 percent sealed from leakage to clean the home with as well as 100 percent sealed HEPA room air purifiers to place in the bedrooms and main living spaces to clean dusts and airborne contaminants that includes bacteria, viruses and mold spores while flooding these living spaces with clean healthy air to breathe! When searching for these products, stay away from the big box stores selling low quality Chinese made products. A great website to research and find these products that are all Made In The USA can be found on the website at

Best Detox To Remove Radiation & Heavy Metals From The Body

(It's Clinoptilolite Zeolite)

There are a number of natural plant and mineral based radiation detox products on the market to limit the effect of radiation exposure. These products include Chlorella, Sea Kelp, Black & Green Tea, Pectin, Sulfur, Curcumin, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins C & E. All of these products will work to soften the effects with some removal of radiation after an exposure. However the best radiation detox product is the natural powdered mineral that has been micronized to 0-40 microns in size to better detox radiation and toxic heavy metal radioisotopes through both the blood and gut of the body! This mineral is called Clinoptilolite Zeolite. This type of zeolite has been successfully used for many years to safely remove radiation from humans, animals, soil, air and water.

During the nuclear meltdown disaster in Chernobyl zeolite powder were baked into cookies and brownies and fed to children to remove radiation from their bodies. Zeolite was also used in the Three Mile Island radiation release disaster and the Japanese have been using Zeolite but only industrial grades for removing radiation from the water and soil. Plenty of people feel that TEPCO and the Japanese Government should have been using zeolite for human consumption to detox the radiation from the people that have been radiated in Fukushima when the reactors went into meltdown but they have not done this to help their people. However plenty of Japanese people from Fukushima to Tokyo that did their own research have purchased quite a bit of micronized powdered zeolite to detox their own bodies and the bodies of their families friends and coworkers.

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred and the first large amounts of radioactive fallout came airborne to blow across the Pacific Ocean into the United States and Canada with the jet stream to completely cover these two countries with radioactive fallout dust, thousands of smart Americans and Canadians purchased and detoxed with zeolite to stay healthy!

The reason proper Clinoptilolite zeolite is far superior to all other detoxes is because zeolite works mechanically to remove radiation and heavy metal radioactive isotopes from the body! Radioactive heavy metals are attracted into the negatively charged cage like structure of the zeolite where they are pulled in and bound into the cage of the zeolite like a magnet! The zeolite holds onto the contaminants all the way out of the body without releasing any of the radioactive heavy metals back into the body to allow the person doing the detox to become recontaminated and feel sick while detoxing as plant based or other types of mineral detox products do!

Also, please know that all zeolite products are not the same! Many of the zeolite products being sold are lower quality and specifically mined for industrial or agricultural use! These lower grades of zeolite have Clinoptilolite levels that are half or less of what a quality zeolite product will be. Also be aware that these lower grades of zeolite can contain mold spore counts that are up to 18 times the FDA legal limit for mineral supplements!

Here Is The Only Zeolite Radiation Detox Product We Recommend

The only Clinoptilolite powdered micronized zeolite product we recommend is the product called Zeolite Pure and its manufactured in the USA. Zeolite Pure has a Clinoptilolite amount of 91 percent or higher! Its also 100 percent mold spore free and its micronized down to 0-40 microns of size so it can detox the body both through the bloodstream and the gut for the best radiation and heavy metal detox available anywhere!

Your Best Resource For Zeolite Pure

The best company to purchase Zeolite Pure powdered micronized zeolite is from Absolute Environmental Products Inc located in South Florida USA. Their zeolite website is loaded with honest and accurate information on different types of zeolite with third party independent testing lab reports that show's you exactly what is in the different zeolite products on the market and how they compare with Zeolite Pure! This way you know that you are getting the highest quality zeolite on the planet for the safe removal of radiation and toxic heavy metals from the body! Also this company has the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICES ON ZEOLITE PURE ANYWHERE! Often With Free Shipping! See The Website At




DISCLAIMER--These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this or any product.

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